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Welcome to my site. This is going to contain links to all of my various projects.

About Me

I am an IT infrastructure and business process consultant with over ten years of experience supporting various government and commercial clients. In addition I have acted as a technical advisor for multiple startup companies.

I am interested in cutting edge technologies, not only in traditional Information Technology disciplines, but also in other areas such as social networking, crowdsourcing, and wireless communications. As a result, my expertise spans a wide range of areas ranging from cloud computing and IT virtualization solutions, to technical analysis and resolution of "hard science"‚Äč problems for various clients.

I have also contributed to the open source community. I authored a native Node.js module for interacting with VMware vCenter/ESXi hosts via the vSphere WS API and SOAP. I also assisted in adding MariaDB support to Sequelize, a Node.JS based ORM. I've also provided bugfixes to other Node.js modules such as hapi-good (part of the core Hapi framework) and node-soap. I have also contributed to other open source projects written in other languages such as Python.

I have a broad technical knowledge base and keep up to date in a variety of areas. I also learn new technologies and languages quickly and with ease.

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